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Valentine's Day In The Hot Tub


We know the winter months can be a bit dull. While you and your special someone are impatiently awaiting the annual arrival of summer, take some time to reconnect with the perfect Valentine’s Day date night.

Make Time For Romance

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and your hot tub can serve as the perfect setting to rekindle and reignite the flames of passion. With a few simple steps you can create the ultimate date night for the two of you.

Decor is Key

Take time to prepare the area surrounding your hot tub.  Creating a romantic visual environment will enhance the experience. Consider candles, music and flowers beside and around your hot tub. Taking the time to decorate will also show that you care and have put thought into planning the evening. Your partners will appreciate the effort.

Note: Avoid the urge to fill your hot tub with flower petals as they will clog your filter

The Element of Surprise

Consider using this as an opportunity to surprise your mate.  Keep your plans mum until you are both together. Instead of giving away the goose let your partners arrive to this wonderful, romantic gesture. Let them know you have plans, but don’t give away any details.  

Wine and Dine

Don’t forget to wine and dine your Valentine’s Day date.  Have some wine and plastic glasses available by the tub. Never use glass in the hot tub.  If the glass breaks in the tub, it can be extremely difficult and time consuming to remove all the broken particles.

Prepare some romantic snacks to nibble by the tub.  Strawberries and other fresh fruit are usually a safe bet, but hopefully you already know what your hot tub partner likes best and have prepare or purchases their favorite treats.

Note: Be careful with consuming alcohol and hot tubbing. Do not drink to excess.

Movies in the Hot Tub

If your hot tub has a screen, think about having a romantic film cued up and ready to go.  Nothing kills the romance momentum faster than indecision over which movie to watch. Be prepared, make sure you have clean, dry towels at hand and around the hot tub.  Now relax, be yourself and have a fun, romantic evening together.