Spa Flush for new spa owners - Ottawa, Ontario

Spa Flush for new spa owners
February 03/2020

Spa flush is a liquid cleaner used to remove scale and calcium accumulation in the pipelines of your spa.  Over the course of manufacturing, shipping, showcasing, wet testing, and storing, the spa is prone to collecting biofilm, dust, debris, and waste in the pipes.  As such, in order to prolong the overall health of the water, it is highly recommended that FLUSH be used immediately after having filled your spa for the first time.

Spa Zap is an oxidizing and clarifying treatment that actively destroys the chloramines and organic residue in the water.  Chloramines are the result of free chlorine bonding to nitrogen and/or ammonia, rendering the chlorine molecule useless. This will result in a strong chlorine odor and can cause irritation to the skin and eyes. 

As part of your maintenance kit, Zap will efficiently accelerate the elimination of organic contaminants in your spa water.  This reactivating treatment restores water’s sparkle while extending the effect of chlorine. 

Zap should be added to the surface of the water once per week, effectively treating up to 1500 liters of water.  The entire contents of the pouch should be added to the water to ensure proper and even distribution of the oxidizing and clarifying compounds.


Brian Fortey – Retail Manager and pool and spa chemistry expert.


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