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3 Ways Hot Tubs Are Good For You

We all know the luxury, relaxation and entertainment that can come with owning a hot tub. It’s easy to while away time in the tub with family, friends or even on your own. But you may be surprised to learn about some unexpected health benefits. We know all about what an asset a hot tub […]

Creating A Backyard Retreat

Imagine a calming oasis you could escape to, relax and let the cares of the day drift away. Now imagine that oasis is your own backyard! We want to help you accomplish exactly that. We offer a wide variety  of hot tub services, products and designs, making it easier than ever to create your very […]

Essential Hot Tub Accessories

Owning a hot tub is a special experience.  If you’re coming home from a tough work day or sore from a long day of skiing, a soak in the hot tub can remove all the stress and soreness of the day.  Hot tubs are also a fun way to connect with friends, while creating fun […]

Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

We know the key to enjoying your hot tub is always having clean, clear, inviting water to soak in. Caring for your hot tub only takes a few minutes each day, but if you do this properly your hot tub water will sparkle every time you soak in it. We’ve put together a simple outline […]

How To Change Your Pool Filter Sand

When was the last time you changed the sand in your pool filter? Your pool filter sand is one of those things that only gets changed every so often.  Usually, every 3 or 4 years, because of this it can be easy to forget. Clean sand in your pool filter is a very important part […]

How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

Clean water requires clean filters. Using dirty, clogged hot tub filters in your water make it difficult to maintain clean water and can put unnecessary strain on your hot tub pump and your chemical bills. When to Check Your Hot Tub Filters Hot tub and spa filters should be checked weekly. Your filter may look […]

Life's Better In A Hot Tub 5 Reasons

Say goodbye to booking vacations. A hot tub or spa in the backyard can turn your home into the perfect staycation. Eliminate stress and improve your health right from the convenience of your own backyard. Why soaking in a hot tub is good for you: - An evening hot tub helps you sleep - Hydrotherapy […]

Spring Clean Your Hot Tub

It may feel like the depths of winter, but spring is on its way! If you’re anything like us, you’ve started your to-do list for the warmer weather. It will be here before you know it! We recommend adding some spa maintenance to your list. Opening your pool or spa for the summer is the […]

UV Filtration For Hot Tubs; A Safer Way For Your Family To Soak

Where there was darkness (and algae gunk) there is now only light! A UV light that is. UV Spa disinfection is the best, most modern way to clean your hot tub or spa. It’s simple, effective and safe. This non-chemical approach is being embraced by anyone who wants a healthier, more natural way to sanitize […]

Valentine's Day In The Hot Tub

We know the winter months can be a bit dull. While you and your special someone are impatiently awaiting the annual arrival of summer, take some time to reconnect with the perfect Valentine’s Day date night. Make Time For Romance Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and your hot tub can serve as the perfect […]

What To Know Before Buying A Hot Tub

Before you start shopping for your new hot tub, you need to spend some time considering the best placement and ensuring it can be properly prepared for a hot tub.  In order for a hot tub to run properly and safely you will need a firm, level area to place the hot tub ipon. Often […]