Definition - Waves Above Ground Pool
Sku: Definition

Our entry level full steel structure is available from 12' all the way to 27'. This affordable, contemporary styled pool comes in a 52" wall height.

12' (3.66m) 
15' (4.57m) | 18' (5.49m) 
21' (6.40m) | 24' (7.32m)
27' (8.23m) |  

Java LX - Montana Above Ground Pool
Sku: Java

Let the Java's distinguished sleek looks and attractive silver grey color turn your backyard into an enchanting environment. This hybrid combination of steel uprights with metallic finish and the Synflex resin injection-molded top ledges, ledge & foot covers, offers this pool the highest quality in manufacturing and visual style. Available as a 54" wall height.

12' (3.66m) |  15' (4.57m) 
18' (5.49m) |  21' (6.40m) 
24' (7.32m) |  27' (8.23m)

12' x 24' (3.66m x 7.32m) 
15' x 30' (4.57m x 9.14m)
18' x 33' (5.49m x 10.16m)

Anchor - Corona Above Ground Pool
Sku: Anchor

The New Anchor introduces elegant greys creating a sense of sanctuary in your backyard. The resin structure can be combined with any salt water chlorinator system. This concept eliminates the possible corrosion risks that come with steel-and-salt combinations. Available as a 54" wall.

12' (3.66m) | 15' (4.57m)
18' (5.49m) | 21' (6.40m)
24' (7.32m) | 27' (8.23m)

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