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When luxury meets affordablitity! On-ground swimming pools (aka Semi Inground swimming pools) look and feel like in-ground pools for significantly less expense. The only difference is that they don’t go quite as deep and they can be flush with the ground or extrude out of the ground anyway between 1 to 3 feet depending on your dig budget! Essentailly some in the ground and some out of the ground.

Highbury Pools is a leading manufacturer in the pool industry. We have the experience and know how to custom build almost anything in the pool industry. Originally Highbury Pools started out building galvanized steel walls, eventually expanding our manufacturing line to include in-ground and on-ground galvanized walls, aluminum coping, liners, and in-ground stairs. We also have a complete line of distribution products. Our experienced staff takes pride in providing excellent service. The shortest lead times in the industry are achieved by having a large inventory of stock ready to ship to you. Highbury Pools is Canadian owned and operated. 

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